City Court Meguro is only a 2 min. walk from the Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. On the Tokyu Meguro Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, and Toei Mita Line you can easily get to Shibuya, Otemachi, Tokyo, Nagatacho, and the Yokohama area. Due to the convenience of being able to easily access many areas, the Meguro area is a popular place to live.

The Meguro area has a much calmer and quieter atmosphere that contrasts with how close it is to some of the Tokyo’s major destinations. Meguro station is extremely convenient as there are 4 train lines that meet there. Most of the major destinations in Tokyo can be reached by taking the JR Yamanote or Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line. For those who have the urge to venture outside the Tokyo area, the Tokyu Meguro Line provides easy access to areas in Yokohama as well.

Within the JR Meguro Station’s “Atre” building there is a supermarket, Uniqlo, Nitori, restaurants, and more. The Meguro Station building on the Namboku line, Toei Mita Line, and Tokyu Meguro Line is “Atre Meguro 2 “. The Atre Meguro 2 has a Seijo Ishii and is full of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes. The slope from Meguro station towards the Meguro River is known as Gonnosukezaka and it has a wide variety of restaurants, including popular ramen shops, famous tonkatsu shops, and bars popular with foreigners. Shirokanedai Station is also within walking distance. Shirokanedai’s main street, Platinum street, is a sophisticated tree-lined street, with fashionable cafes and famous restaurants.

Walking westwards from Meguro Station along Gonnosukezaka for a few minutes and you will find yourself at the Meguro River. The cherry tree lined paths along both sides of the river a fairly popular among locals for jogging or taking a stroll. During the spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom the Meguro River is quite the site to behold. For many people this is one of the must see location during cherry blossom season.

Right next to City Court Meguro, you can enjoy a variety of plants while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the four seasons at the Botanical Garden Nature Education Park, which is located on a vast site and has a forest that is shaped like nature. Next to the Nature Education Park is the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. While there are various art exhibitions held here throughout the year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum’s main attraction is its architecture. The building was originally the home of Prince and Princess Asaka and was designed in the Art Deco style that the Prince—who had spent time in France and the United States—was fond of. In 2015, the museum’s building was declared a National Important Cultural Property. Nearby you can also find the Kume Art Museum. The Kume Art Museum houses the artwork of Kume Kuchiro who was one of the first Japanese people to paint in the impressionist style.

Stations Accessible From Meguro Station

City Court Meguro's Nearby Points of Interest

Natural Lawson

Time: 1 Minute walk
Distance: 16 meters

Atre Meguro

Time: 2 Minute walk
Distance: 120 meters

Kume Museum of Art

Time: 3 Minute walk
Distance: 200 meters

Tokyu Store

Time: 3 Minute walk
Distance: 210 meters

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Time: 5 Minute walk
Distance: 400 meters

Institute for Nature Study

Time: 5 Minute walk
Distance: 450 meters

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Time: 7 Minute walk
Distance: 500 meters

Meguro River

Time: 7 Minute walk
Distance: 550 meters

Platinum Street

Time: 9 Minute walk
Distance: 650 meters